The hearth and bread oven at David and Ray Howell's excavation.

The hearth and bread oven at David and Ray Howell’s excavation of a dwelling on his land at Llanfihangel Tor-y-Mynydd.

Dr Mark Lewis talks to MAA members at the National Roman Legion Museum.

Why not join us and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals? Lectures and field visits will bring you into contact with people with expert knowledge, many of whom are members of the association. Our annual journal, The Monmouthshire Antiquary, is essential reading for anyone concerned with the history and archaeology of this historic county.

The association has close links with the National Roman Legion Museum. The Museum was originally founded by our association, and holds many finds rescued for posterity by past members, as well as housing the MAA library and committee room.  

The Monmouthshire Antiquarian Association was founded in 1847 and was originally known as the Caerleon Antiquarian Association. The association has survived into the twenty-first century and has a strong membership and an important role in fostering the county’s archaeological and historical heritage.

The MAA at Tintern Abbey with Brother Thomas (Keith Underwood)

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