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Thursday May 25th at 7pm: An evening visit to Runston Deserted Village in conjunction with Cardiff Archaeological Society.

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May 25, 2017
February 17, 2018


A beautiful sunny evening and members from the MAA and CAS assembled to view the site. The event was organised by Jeremy Knight, our president and Chris Jones-Jenkins a member of the MAA and of CAS. We were kindly allowed access to the Wye Valley Archery Centre to use their car park and access the deserted medieval village.


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A few more photos

Runston 5   Runston 7    Runsron 4                                Runston 10


Runston – the site

The monument represents the remains of a deserted village’s earthworks, building flooring and a partially standing chapel open to the sky. Documents reveal that the chapel was built by the Normans and might stretch back to the early 10th century. Although it goes back to medieval times it was deserted in the 18th century when the landlord abandoned the village as its rents dwindled.




On the site one can see:-

The Chapel

The chapel is roofless with a chancel and nave and bell tower at the west end.  The chancel arch survives intact with walls surviving to original height. The chapel retains finely jointed ashlar blocks, and small Romanesque windows which point to an early 12th century date. Documentary evidence points to a village on the site as early as the 10th century.

Runston’s fortified Manor House

Visible is the remains a fortified manor house evidenced by tumbled rubble. This measures 30m by 30m on the north side of the chapel. On the s w corner is the outline of a tower toughly 5m in diameter and some coursed walling is still evident.

Runston House Platform

A rectangular complex of a turf covered long house and building foundations associated with enclosures surrounding it.

Dr Mark Lewis has written about finds discovered on the site:-

Runston 2



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